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The difference between blister plastic and plastic

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A lot of people do not understand the packaging industry, always thought that the blister and clamshell packaging in plastic boxes, plastic Neto these are similar products, in fact, that the two products what is the difference?
1, double blister packaging refers to two pieces of blister packaging products in the paper and packaging. Its characteristic is that the double bubble shell is sealed by high wave machine, the efficiency is low, the packing cost is high, but the edge is neat and beautiful, and the appearance of the product is high.
2, suction card packing refers to the blister card in the sealing surface with plastic oil, common supermarket battery pack with such. It is the need for plastic sealing equipment products will be packaged in between it and blister.
The problems to be noted are:
The 1. bubble shell can only be made of PVC and PETG film, otherwise the effect of heat or heat is not good.
2. the quality of the double bubble shell edge is determined by the good or bad of the high frequency die.
Plastic packaging is commonly used as a kind of packaging, using plastic technology to produce plastic products, and the corresponding equipment to package the product general. After high temperature heating, the plastic box sheet is molded into plastic box shaped by vacuum suction and cooling. It can be molded according to the shape of the product. The use of plastic packaging is more extensive! And the craft is not so complicated as it is.