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Which products can be used in plastic packaging

Date:2016-10-25 Browse:

Blister packaging is mainly used for hardware, electronics, sports goods, toys, small household appliances, handicrafts, cosmetics and other products packaging, the main products are pallets, blister, plastic box, plastic bags. Plastic packaging products can be divided into two categories: one is to display, transparent series products for the purpose of protecting and beautifying, packaging products for small commodities, placed or hung in the supermarket shelves, the selection of material for more transparency and better PET and PVC products, including: mask, blister card shell, suction blister card, heat sealing double blister, folded double blister and transparent folding box; the other is to protect, separation, shock proof, for the purpose of foil tray, plastic box series, plastic packaging products for electronics, IT, industrial parts and cosmetics, selection of material for PS (color, antistatic and flocking etc.), products include: child care, tray, packing boxes, flocking plastic, anti-static plastic, revolving tray.