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Plastic terminology

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Plastic absorption: a plastic processing technology. The main principle is to soften the flattened plastic hard sheets after vacuum heating, and then use vacuum to adsorb on the surface of the mould and form after cooling. It is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries.
Plastic packaging: the plastic products are produced by the suction process and the general assembly of the products with the corresponding equipment. Plastic packaging products mainly include: bubble shell, tray, plastic box, synonyms and vacuum cover, bubble cover and so on. Plastic packaging equipment mainly include: plastic molding machine, punch, sealing machine, high frequency machine, folding machine. Packaging products can be divided into: card, card, double bubble shell, half bubble shell, folding shell, seventy percent off bubble shell and so on.
Bubble shell: the transparent plastic plastic process will be transparent plastic sheet made of specific convex shape of the mask on the surface of the product, to protect and beautify the role of products. Also known as bubble cover, vacuum cover and plastic mask. According to the different forms of the bubble shell, it can be divided into single bubble shell, double bubble shell, inserting bubble shell and sucking card bubble shell.
Plastic box: is a kind of plastic cover and the bottom, bottom and cover together called folded plastic boxes, the bottom and the cover are separately called nadir plastic box cover.
Plastic tray: also called plastic ", using plastic technology will be made specific groove plastic plastic sheet, the product is arranged in the groove, to protect and beautify the role of products.
Flocking Neto: is a kind of special materials used in plastic tray, the ordinary plastic yingpian stick on the surface of a layer of pile material, so that the surface of a velvet tray handle, used to improve the packaging quality.
Antistatic tray: a plastic tray with a special material. The resistance of the material is less than 11 square ohms of less than 10. It is mainly used for the plastic tray of electronic and IT products.
Plastic mold: mold plastic molding production with the lowest cost is cast, followed by electroplating copper, aluminum is the most expensive model. Drill holes for mold, vacuum adsorption heat of the film, the formation of plastic products.
Plastic molding: that we often talk about the blister, blister machine will soften the plastic film adsorbed on the surface of the mold, cooling, forming a concave convex shape of plastic.
Plastic cutting: plastic products after plastic molding, through the punch, the large sheet of sheet is cut into a single product with a knife. It is also called blanking, cutting, die cutting, etc.
Hem: a package of plastic packaging products, need to blister three edge folding machine for folding back, so that in a packaging process, the paper into the fold, forming a package.
Wire drawing: some undesirable line protrusions (not on the moulds) produced during the process of plastic molding, and we need to re modify the mold (reduce height and increase the slipping of the park) and increase the additional pressure mold (we call it the upper die) to solve it. When the line is too large, it is regarded as a defective product and cannot be used for high-grade plastic packaging. However, in the field of spare parts turnover, as long as the lines are arranged neatly and not affect the use function, they should be regarded as qualified products. The drawing line is also called the pull hill, the cramps and so on.
Scratches: there are scratches on the finished products, especially the transparent bubble shells. If the marks are too long and too large, the shells will become inferior products, which can not be used for high-grade packaging.
Crystal point: in the process of blister sheet production, it is a transparent defect produced on the heated plastic material due to the small dust in the air, especially in the process of transparent blister sheet, which is regarded as a defective product if the defect is too large or too large.
Bubble: in the process of blister sheet production, because the heated plastic material contains air, the finished product sheet has bubbles, especially in transparent plastic sheet production. When the bubble is too large or too much, it is regarded as a defective product.
Water ripple: in the process of blister sheet production, due to the different material and processing technology, the surface of finished sheet has surface corrugation, especially in the process of transparent plastic sheet production. When the water ripple is too large or too much, it is regarded as a defective product. In general, the thicker the sheet is, the more obvious the wave pattern is. Water ripples are rarely found in qualified PET materials, but most of the PVC have water ripples.
Heat sealing is a kind of plastic packaging, sealing machine for surface coated with plastic oil paper and blister sealing together, forming suction card packing.
High frequency sealing: is a plastic packaging technology, high frequency machine to produce high frequency, the bubble shell and the bubble shell together, forming a double bubble shell packaging.
Ultrasonic sealing is a kind of plastic packaging technology, ultrasonic machine will produce ultrasonic, blister and blister bonded together to form a double blister packaging, sealing and high frequency is different, not only can PVC, PETG ultrasonic sealing materials, sealing materials can also be PET, but also for packaging products without electromagnetic damage. It is suitable for electronic product packaging; inadequacy of ultrasonic interval is only edge point, and is generally only a straight edge.