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Company profile

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  Dongguan Fantat Environmental Technology Co., Ltd is a leading thermos vacuum forming plastic products manufacturer from china, offering a broad line of Electronic Packaging (ESD/Semi-conductive),Thermoformed Blisters, Trays, Clamshells, Cushions & Containers, daily accessory blister packaging.
  Our mission is to develop, manufacture and deliver our customers the best quality products, we have our own R & D team, advanced vacuum forming machines, complete and integrated quality management system, and we are constantly upgrading and innovating to meet with your requirements effectively and efficiently, we are desired to establish long term business relationship.

Products and Service range
We take our responsibility to contribute to the environment, ensuring that all designs of products take consideration into materials choice and energy consumption, encouraging materials can be recycled, which mainly use raw material PS/PET/PETG/PS/GAG/PE

Quality Certification
We carry out complete and integrated quality management system under the goal of “Environment being the core and quality being the pioneer, both are subject to sustainable improvement”, and our company and products owned certifications ISO 9001, QS Industrial products license of china, ROHS Compliance; Addition, we have applied for EICC certification in 2017 for higher level management system.

Bright Spot
Fantat has advanced vacuum forming machine to ensure supply.
Fantat owns high hygiene production lines and integrated quality system to ensure product quality.
Fantat has new products development department with professional and experienced technical team to ensure product launch on time

Production process
R&D – Mold Making – Vacuum Forming - Quality Inspection – Die Cutting – Packing – Warehouse

Partnership Benefits and value-added service
1.Provides Total Packaging Solutions, incl. Packaging Design, Mold
And Tooling In house, Thermoforming;
2. Provides rapid delivery dates, as well as JIT and VMI enables customers ‘inventory control and visibility 
3. Our Professionalism offers more than your expectation in cost
Saving and best possible solutions.

PET/PP/BOPS/PLA fast food container, Sushi Trays, Fruit & Vegetable container, Salad tray, strawberry clamshell, hinged sandwich wedges, Chocolate insert/tray, Macaron blister, take-away container, Ice cream cup, drinking cup lid
Daily accessory packaging for decorating and protecting your products. Cosmetic insert/ tray, consumer electronics blister, Medical blister, Wine and spirits blister